Rail Safety Week 2015


How many limbs can you live without?

Every year, approximately 100 Canadians die or suffer serious injuries on railway tracks they should not be on.

Everyday choices like wearing headphones, taking a photo, taking a shortcut can cut your life short, or your body.

Before you go tag a bridge, ride the rails on a skateboard, jump the tracks on your snowboard or stage a wedding photo on a bridge, think:

“Will this be a good day without my legs?”

What can you do to help?

  • Like us on Facebook and then like, share or comment on our page
  • Follow and share the hashtags #RSW2015 and #SeeTracksThink on Twitter and Instagram
  • Sign up for the Lifesaver Letter for rail safety tips and stories all year long
  • Participate in an event in your community (see calendars at left)
  • Write a post on your blog or social channels about why you want your friends and family to #SeeTracksThink

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RSW events in your region