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Being distracted near the tracks can kill you

It’s really a no-brainer: Two hands on the wheel and two eyes paying attention to what’s ahead of you is all you need to worry about when you’re behind the wheel. Remember: Your phone can wait – a train going through a level crossing can’t.… Read More

Rail safety for truck drivers: One driver’s personal account of the risks at level crossings

Operation Lifesaver Canada chatted with a commercial vehicle operator about his experiences driving around train tracks. Watch him describe the terror of witnessing a train vs. truck collision.… Read More

Summer Activity Rail Safety DOs and DON’Ts

It’s a fact: Summer in Canada is a short-lived season, unfortunately. Make the best of it by getting out and enjoying all it has to offer, but please remember that wherever you summer plans lead you—make rail safety a priority. Don’t let a decision to trespass on railway tracks or property be the last one you ever make.… Read More

Notes on a railway tragedy: One man’s story of survival

One late September day in 1961, 7-year-old Bryan O’Connor found himself lying on the pavement in his Ottawa neighbourhood, shirt bloodied. He’d been struck by a train.… Read More

Deadly Train Fact #6: Trekking into a train tunnel could be the end of you

Think an adventure into a train tunnel is a smart idea? You’re wrong.… Read More

Mock collision shows young drivers the risks at railway crossings

A crowd gathers. There’s a stunned silence, broken only by gasps and somber whispers. They’re huddled in front of a devastating and gruesome scene. A car carrying a group of teenagers has collided with a train. One person has been thrown from the vehicle, his dead body sprawled torn and bloodied on the cold ground.… Read More

The Misadventures of Bob: Leveled at a level crossing

International Level Crossing Day was last week, but we don’t need just a day to be rail safe at level crossings—it needs to be every day. So with that being said, we thought what better way to showcase just how dangerous a level crossing can be but with another misadventure by our buddy Bob.… Read More

ILCAD 2016: Don’t overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!

Today is International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) and this year our valued partner in rail safety awareness has a strong message for seniors and those with limited mobility around the globe:

Do not overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!

Each year, the ILCAD partners choose a different section of the public for their awareness campaign.… Read More

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