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Straight up: Trains can kill you!

Time and time again we see too many risking their lives and ending up in the path of an oncoming train. The misconceptions that you can get out of the way in time or that it’s okay to take a shortcut over the tracks are false.… Read More

There’s no way around it —railway tracks are for trains only!

Running late—it happens to all of us. Whether you’re trying to get to school, work or meeting up with friends, no one really wants to be late. And when you find yourself running behind, it’s hard to think about anything else.… Read More

#GetHomeSafe: Know what to do when you’re behind the wheel and near the tracks!

So you’re ready to hit the road, behind the wheel, solo, for the first time. You call up your buddies and plan for a night of good times.

Your mom tells you to be careful, and hands over the keys… You’re thinking, you’ve got this, and roll out the door.… Read More

A rail safety message from VIA Rail’s Jean Tierney

We would like to introduce you to Jean Tierney, Senior Director, Safety, Security and Risk Management at VIA Rail Canada. Jean is a strong champion of rail safety and Operation Lifesaver supporter. For this week’s post we asked her to share some lifesaving rail safety wisdom.… Read More

Recognizing Tom Allan, dedicated Operation Lifesaver volunteer and railroader

We here are Operation Lifesaver couldn’t get the public rail safety message out to the masses without the dedication and commitment of our valued volunteers. One such volunteer we would like to recognize is Tom Allan, who retired from volunteering this year.… Read More

The fact is: Trestles are for trains only

Did you know? Trestles are private property, owned by the railway. It may seem like a no brainer, but some think it’s okay to travel over trestles and treat them as if they are pedestrian bridges. The fact is: Trestles are for trains only.… Read More

Rail safety rules: know the facts so you don’t die on the tracks

School is in full swing. And with that comes the added distractions of getting to class on time, hanging out with friends, and making the most of your lunch break. All these activities could potentially lead you to make decisions that could cost you everything.… Read More

A rail safety message from GO Transit’s Peter Mohyla

Meet Peter Mohyla. He’s been one of Operation Lifesaver’s biggest rail safety champions for over 26 years. And while rail safety is his passion, it’s also his profession.

Peter works as a Safety and Community Services Officer with GO Transit and spends his days making sure Canadians know that being rail safe saves lives.… Read More

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